Integral Legal Services for your Company with Iguala Catorcenal: Contracts, Protection, and Plans Customized to Your Company’s Needs.

Welcome to our page of integral legal services under the modality of Weekly Fee equalization.

Our team of legal experts is dedicated to providing customized and efficient solutions for contract review and drafting, lawsuit protection strategies, and legal consulting tailored to each client’s specific needs.
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CLO Program

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With our Weekly Fee retainer, you will have access to our legal services constantly and at a fixed cost, allowing you to manage your legal needs without worrying about variable fees, additional costs, and recurring consultation fees. We prioritize providing you with a high-quality and affordable service that fits your needs and budget.

Don’t let legal concerns affect the success of your business or personal projects. Contact us today to learn more about our Weekly Fee retainer legal services and find out how we can help you protect your interests and achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

San Miguel Attorneys P.C.

We seek to protect our client’s assets by offering legal solutions that provide value to Hispanic entrepreneurs seeking to achieve the American dream.

Our services include

There are 3 levels of comprehensive legal services: basic, intermediate and executive.

The basic program includes:

Three notarizations per month in the Office (does not include online notarizations)
Drafting of annual minutes of the Members of the Company
Drafting of annual minutes of the Company's managers.
Basic statutory audit of the Company's Corporate Books
Legal review of purchase orders currently used by the Company to make sales
Review of marketing and sales materials for compliance with the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.
Review of collection policies for compliance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in both federal and Texas law.
Review of credit sales policies for compliance with the Uniform Commercial Code, the Texas Business and Commerce Code, and other laws and regulations.
Up to 3 Texas Secretary of State corporate changes per year - Certificate of Formation Amendments, Reinstatements (does not include Secretary of State fees)
Franchise tax filing and public information reporting if the Company is current on federal tax returns and accounting work completed (does not include Secretary of State's fees, accounting work, or bookkeeping).
If necessary, change of company registrations with the Secretary of State (does not include Secretary of State fees)
The client shall provide a power of attorney to serve as a registered agent.
Billable hourly discount for additional services: 10% of the current hourly rate
Reduced fee retainer in active litigation cases with the execution of standard fee retainer contracts.
The client has the option of enrolling in our Budget Billing program for litigation cases. This allows you to have a fixed payment per month in some cases. Please get in touch with us for this option.
ONE OPTIONAL BENEFIT PER MONTH: either one demand letter per month or one contract review of fewer than ten pages per month or one legal review of contracts used by the Company to operate and make sales, or 1-hour strategy session with attorneys per month so we can review your business plan to identify your legal services needed as your business grows.
San Miguel Attorneys P.C. will operate as a Registered Agent.