Legal Representation for Claims and Pre-Suit Dispute Management.

Welcome to our legal services firm focused on the petition, management, and resolution of disputes.
Our team of legal experts will help you deal with difficult situations, such as non-payment, supplier defaults, and fraud or scam cases, efficiently and effectively.
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Legal pre-litigation

Our law firm is committed to defending your rights and resolving business and personal conflicts efficiently. We have extensive experience drafting demand letters and dispute resolution, allowing us to provide personalized and high-quality service.

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San Miguel Attorneys P.C.

We seek to protect our client’s assets by offering legal solutions that provide value to Hispanic entrepreneurs seeking to achieve the American dream.

Our Services Include

Claims for non-payment: We draft legal instruments for claims for non-payment, demanding fulfilling financial obligations and protecting your rights. Our writs are designed to persuade the debtor to settle debts while complying with applicable laws and regulations.
Supplier non-compliance claims: We offer legal advice and drafting of legal instruments to demand compliance from your suppliers and seek compensation for late delivery, defective products, or non-compliance with contractual terms. Our writings emphasize the importance of compliance and seek to resolve the conflict quickly and amicably.
Fraud or fraud claims: We help document the facts claimed in fraud or fraud cases, demanding compensation for damages and seeking dispute resolution. Our briefs are designed to persuade wrongdoers to rectify the situation, comply with their legal responsibilities, and, if necessary, take legal action.
Management of alternative means of conflict resolution: We represent you and your company to achieve a resolution through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.