Legal Representation in Lawsuits, Defense, and Resolution of Disputes between Companies and in the Civil Area.

Our legal services firm helps you sue other companies when they have wronged you. We sue those who were not honest with you.
Protect your interests and resolve disputes with our advice!

Our legal team is dedicated to making your voice heard and getting you results according to your needs, whether it is because your trust was abused or you were defrauded.
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Lawsuits and Legal Defense

Our legal services firm has extensive experience handling lawsuits, defense, and dispute resolution in the business and civil areas.

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San Miguel Attorneys P.C.

We seek to protect our client’s assets by offering legal solutions that provide value to Hispanic entrepreneurs seeking to achieve the American dream.

Our services include

Suit or defense for non-payment or non-compliance with payment: We advise and represent clients in cases of non-payment or non-compliance with payment, both in lawsuits and defenses, guaranteeing a fair and efficient resolution.
Breach of contract: We provide legal support in cases of breach of contracts for services, construction, swimming pools, contractors, and others, defending your rights and seeking appropriate solutions.
Fraud or swindle: We offer advice and representation in cases of fraud or swindle, both in lawsuits and defenses, protecting your interests and seeking damages.
Abuse of trust: We help clients who have been victims of abuse of trust, suing those responsible and defending their rights and reputation.
Construction defects: We provide legal advice in cases of construction defects, suing those responsible or defending the accused and seeking solutions that guarantee the safety and quality of the works.
Theft or other civil offense: We offer advice and representation in cases of theft or other civil offenses, protecting your interests and seeking damages.